Stauber and Hawkins Inc. Launches Antioxidant Rich and Distinctive Functional Beverage Ingredient Pomma+ Nectar

Dec. 3, 2020

Fullerton, Calif. — Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc. and Hawkins, Inc. are both known for their innovative ingredient offerings across a broad spectrum of categories and industries. Together they produce and represent beneficial ingredients sourced from whole California pomegranates. The Pomma+ proprietary process ensures optimal quality, purity and potency. We harness the same nutrients that Mother Nature created into a highly concentrated, carrier free powder extract.  Our solvent-free pomegranate extract contains the natural profile of authentic pomegranate polyphenols.  Synergistic with the Pomma+ production process, Stauber and Hawkins identified an additional functional ingredient opportunity with similar health benefits in a liquid form, Pomma+ Nectar.

Hawkins, Inc. Technical Director, Mike Hess, is excited about the potential benefits of this new pomegranate syrup. “For years, we have had success with our Pomma+ extract, and through further development, we identified the unique attributes of the Pomma+ Nectar. Our nectar is a flexible food/beverage ingredient which is high in polyphenols and tastes great.  I am excited to be part of a team always searching for innovative ingredient solutions for our customers.”

Pomma+ Nectar is an antioxidant-rich, all-natural functional ingredient derived exclusively from whole California pomegranates. Pomma+ Nectar is loaded with potassium and beneficial pomegranate polyphenols. Pomma+ Nectar is a low-calorie flavor enhancer with a low glycemic value, which will provide distinct benefits to any” better for you” product formulation. The rare attributes of the Pomma+ Nectar allows for the creation of products with distinctly crisp, tangy and tart flavors, while intensifying the health benefits attributed to the pomegranate. Pomma+ Nectar is an excellent functional flavoring agent and low sugar alternative for product creation.

Product Manager and Director, Becki Schwietz, is confident in what Pomma+ Nectar will provide future functional beverage/food producers.

“Pomma+ Nectar offers our functional beverage creators, brewers and distiller partners across the country the opportunity to produce seltzers, functional NA beverages, flavored distilled spirits and fruit beers. The unique flavor and functional profile of the Pomma+ Nectar provides a wide range of product development opportunities including smoothies, yogurts, dressings, marinades and frozen treats. Pomma+ Nectar is a brilliant functional flavoring agent and low sugar alternative for a variety of beverage and food product formulations. All of us at Stauber and Hawkins are thrilled to bring this product to our customers.”

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