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Meat, Poultry and Seafood Ingredients Supplier & Distributor

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Ingredients

Innovation formulated for superior sensory results.

Hawkins extensive portfolio of proprietary and traditional ingredients gives our customers a decided edge in creating the solutions they need to succeed. It starts with e(Lm)inate®, our new line of low-inclusion antimicrobials that are especially effective at controlling listeria while cutting usage up to 50%. Now available in a naturally dry vinegar formula, e(Lm)inate excels in a wide variety of meat, poultry, and seafood applications while having little to no sensory impact.

UltraLac and Ultra-Pure Bestate are superior-tasting, shelf-life-extending
antimicrobial salts for fresh pork and beef and Ready to Eat (RTE) meat and poultry products. UltraPhos, our proprietary concentrated DKP, is one of the few ingredients that makes coextrusion economical. Our vast offerings and blending expertise truly make us your ultimate resource for controlling listeria and pathogens while also improving shelf-life, yield, texture, and color.

  • Hawkins-owned manufacturing facilities promote quality control and
  • SQF 2000 Certification verifies our investment in meeting the highest
    possible standards
  • Multiple sourcing provides necessary options for achieving optimal
  • Seamless traceability ensures total control of resources and quality
    across the supply chain
  • Liquid proficiency guarantees the ultimate in automated accuracy,
    blending, and economy;
  • Superior sensory performance and clean labeling options.

Hawkins products and ingredients tailor-made to improve meat, poultry, and seafood product performance:

  • e(Lm)inate
    • e(Lm)inate LAD — potassium lactate, potassium acetate, sodium diacetate
    • e(Lm)inate 411 — potassium lactate, potassium diacetate, potassium propionate
    • e(Lm)inate 411S — potassium lactate, potassium diacetate, sodium propionate
    • e(Lm)inate 6810 — potassium lactate, sodium diacetate
    • e(Lm)inate VL — vinegar, potassium lactate
    • e(Lm)inate V — vinegar
  • UltraLac
    • UltraLac SL-60: Sodium Lactate
    • UltraLac KL-60: Potassium Lactate
    • UltraLac SL-564: Sodium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate
    • UltraLac KL-564: Potassium Lactate, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate
  • Ultra-Pure Bestate
    • Ultra-Pure Bestate-DS3: Sodium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate
    • Ultra-Pure Bestate-DP3: Potassium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate
    • Ultra-Pure Bestate-P: Potassium Acetate, Potassium Lactate
    • Ultra-Pure Bestate-P4218: Potassium Lactate, Potassium Acetate
  • UltraPhos
  • Liquid sodium diacetate

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Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor of chemicals.  We only sell to companies, municipalities, government entities, and not to individuals.  For pricing or more information please provide your organization’s contact information below:


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